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ServICE For Banquets & Social Events

Catering for the Holidays



EST. 2005

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*Charola = Tray 

Carnitas per lb - 11.99
Barbacoa con Mole per lb - 13.99

  • Bistek con papas o Bistek a la Mexicana
    1/2 Charola 65.00 – Full Charola 130.00
  • Costilla Verde o Roja (pasilla)
    1/2 Charola 65.00 – Full Charola 125.00
  • Guisado de Pollo
    1/2 Charola 55.00 – Full Charola 99.00
  • Fajitas de Res o Pollo
    1/2 Charola 65.00 – Full Charola 125.00
  • Chicharron Verde o Rojo
    1/2 Charola 55.00 – Full Charola  99.00
  • Frijoles
    1/2 Charola 44.99 – Full Charola 64.99
  • Arroz
    1/2 Charola 44.99 – Full Charola 64.00
  • Guacamole
    1/2 Charola 65.00 – Full Charola 115.00
  • Cebollitas y Chiles
    1/2 Charola 55.00 – Full Charola 90.00
  • Chiles/Custido en vinagre
    1/2 Charola 65.00 – Full Charola 85.00
  • Nopales
    1/2 Charola 45.00 – Full Charola 80.00
  • Chips
    1/2 Charola 28.00 – Full Charola 80.00
  • Cebolla, Cilantro y Limones
    1/2 Charola 45.00 – Full Chorola 75.00


Our Customer Reviews


Best carnitas in Chicago❤️ The original seasoning of Don Alfredo.

Chelsea - 5 Star Google Review

Great restaurant to go have some carnitas!! The best I’ve ever had! Very friendly environment with staff that want to take care of you and your order and they treat you like family. I would always recommend this restaurant to anyone. If you are looking to get good authentic Mexican food this is the place to be! Feels and tastes like I am in Mexico!


Rosendo T


Excellent! I ordered the 3 taco dinner, plus one on the side, and I was not disappointed! My go-to is usually an asada, lengua, pastor and chorizo, which they had. All of them were great, with the lengua really standing out! If you’re in the area, skip the fast food joints surrounding them and stop in, you won’t regret it!


Dan B.

We live about an hour away from the original location (corner restaurant on 25th and Lake), but this is the ONLY place we order from!! The carnitas and tortillas are the best we’ve ever had and the owners + families are so sweet and professional! Totally recommend it, you won’t be disappointed!!!

Bea A.

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